Transpositions Tuesday: Reviewing bad art, defending Simon Cowell, and telling the truth

by Anna Blanch on July 27, 2010

TranspositionsTranspositions Tuesday: Where I talk about reviewing bad books, defending Simon Cowell’s right to be forthright, and why it matters to tell the truth when art is bad.

Earlier this week I found out that Simon Cowell is being sued by a participant of Britain’s Got Talent for telling her she couldn’t sing. While Cowell’s style is not always kind or gentle, he certainly cannot be accused of being anything other than direct. There’s a frightening epidemic of people, inside and outside the church who seem to live in a bewildering land of make-believe when it comes to assessments of their own talents and gifts.
The same day as I found out about Cowell’s court case, a friend of mine asked for advice this week as he was preparing to review a novel by a Christian missionary.  Read the rest of the post to find out the advice I gave him on reviewing less than stellar works of art.
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 Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is writing her doctoral thesis in the field of Theology and Literature. She also writes weekly at Transpositions, a collaborative blog examining Theology, Imagination, and the Arts.

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