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by Anna Blanch on February 11, 2010

I was alerted to this quote from William Cunningham in  “William Cunningham’s advice to theology students on their use of the Sabbath” on Reformation21 Blog

 Your professional studies may rightly occupy the principal share of your time and attention for six days in the week, just like the ordinary lawful secular business of other men; but on the Lord’s Day you ought to be chiefly influenced by the consideration, not so much that you are students of theology preparing for the work of the ministry, that you may be made instrumental in promoting the salvation of others, but rather that you are, in common with many of the poorest, humblest and most illiterate of the human race, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who are bound to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, and to become progressively more meet for the inheritance of the saints in light”

(Theological Lectures, (1878, reprinted 1990), p95.

One of the things I struggle with during my MA was that I had so much work to do I often HAD to work on Sunday despite having worked 14 hour days during the other six days. One of the joys of my time so far in St Andrews is enjoying the sabbath as a rest day and a time for reflection. However, there have still be a couple of works where I have chosen to work on a sunday to meet a deadline or to enable me to spend time with friends or family at some other point of the week.

What are your thoughts on Cunningham’s advice? how do you think of the Sabbath in relation to your work/studies?

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