An Appointment with Paris

by Anna Blanch on August 1, 2010

About 2 hours ago I looked at the piles of clothing and miscellaneous stuff needed for this month long sojourn to Paris and realised that I was far from the super-organized person I usually am in these situations. But, then again experience is a double-edged sword. I’m about to walk out of the house, having cleaned the kitchen (despite the protests of my roommate who generously told me to leave the dishes on her way to church this morning), eaten something – it was more in the realm of brunch (but I was just aiming for nutrition that will get me through most of the day) and taking notes on the book reviews that i need to finish up and send off this week. I have photos of that disorganised bedroom by the way….

Oh, and that conference draft for conference number 1. yep, well on my walk home yesterday i realised that I had been writing my second chapter rather than a paper suitable for the conference audience. The realisation didn’t scare me, in fact my stomach had been slightly in knots for a week figuring out how i was going to cut another 30% from the paper’s length. No, instead i realised the freedom in starting again. I reminded myself that I know this material and i know what kind of thing this conference audience will be interested in and want to engage with. No point beating a dead horse when there are parts of my argument that they will find fascinating. It was a fascinating realisation and one which will see me doing more writing than I had originally planned while I’m in Paris. But at least I can do it in a cafe or the park, right?

I’m listening to the playlist I made the other day! tres chic!

I’m excited about:
1. Improving my french
2. Living in a major international city for a month (i’ve never lived in a city larger than 300,000 for more than 2 weeks)
3. the food
4. exploring the culture
5. finding some moments to reflect and relax among friends
6. still having a small community of people who I know already
7. living in a studio apartment in Montmatre!

I’m anxious:
1. about getting some of these pieces of writing done
2. that all I will want to do is rest and sleep (It’s been a crazy few months)
3. about my niece being in hospital (in Australia) – prayers for her speedy return to health would be much appreciated).

I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity and for the funding that will allow me to immerse myself in french culture in order to improve my language skills. Sometimes this Academic thing is alot of fun!

Image: Anna Blanch 2005

  • Maryline

    Paris is lucky to have you! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy having the city to yourself, most Parisiens are on vacation at this time of year.
    Thoughts and prayers for your niece,
    Safe travels!
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    • Judith

      Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheeerd me up!

  • bagyojose

    nice info…i hope u can visit to my blog

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