Day 8 -15: Pantheon and Latin Quarter and Musee Rodin

by Anna Blanch on August 16, 2010

After it become very obvious that my accent is tres mal and I really need to word on my use of reflexive verbs, I finally collected my carte etudiante (student card) and headed off on a grand marche (big walk) towards the Pantheon. I walked past Jardin de Luxembourg and down into the 5th arrondisement. This meant that my natural route was via the Sorbonne. It’s a beautiful series of buildings. Unfortunately being summer the chapel is closed. Beyond the sorbonne is the Pantheon. What an extraordinary building. I spent a good couple of hours exploring the cruciform building and its crypt. 

After I sat for a while on the steps and looked towards the Eiffel tower for a while I realised I was starving. I meandered down through the less touristed parts of the latin quarter towards the seine and a spetacular view of the Notre Dame. I found some lunch along the way and made my way back up to Montmatre and a little siesta (sieste)!

This last week has been a blur of class and tests and realising by friday that language study is truly exhausting. I’ve walked many many miles. I explored the latin quarter and Concorde. I took many photos of street art and thought about form and what it is that makes me just a little joyful as I walk the streets of Paris. I’ve been avoiding sentimentalism – frankly I still prefer much smaller places. But there is something beautiful about this city. And I think it is in the concern for form in even the most mundane of things.

This week I explored the National Opera area, place madeline, and the Gallerie la fayette! I walked and walked and walked and walked….and i think i’ve seen most of the metro stations in the city. I’ve seen Place Blanche and Pigalle a few times.

Despite feeling like crashing for a least a couple of days I spent all of Friday afternoon at the Musee Rodin. To see so many of Rodin’s works in person was enlivening. There was also a Wim Devoye exhibition on at the time but I’ll devote an entire post to a discussion of that.

Saturday was spent exploring the area around Barbes Rochechouart. On Sunday I gave into the pouring rain, yummy food and a need to finish up the conference papers for both BAVS and the upcoming ITIA conference. It was a wonderful Sunday, and even though I didn’t get to experience the assumption day church ceremonies I did write much and enjoyed the process. The rain continued most of today (monday) as well!

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