Dissertation Blues: When you just gotta sing about it…

by Anna Blanch on February 25, 2010

Sometimes writing gets you down. Sometimes you just have to sing!

After the excitable responses Goannatree received after i posted the Simpsons and 30 Rock on Grad Students. I thought i’d see what else i could dig up. I found not just one but two different songs titled Dissertation Blues. Who knew?

I will let you make your own minds.

Replete with a Kazoo…this is well, this is the Dissertation Blues.

This too is the Dissertation Blues. This one has a harmonica and a some pretty good blues guitar. By Davide Pavanello.

So what do you think?

Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD student in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. At present she doesn’t have the Dissertation Blues. But who knows? she might tomorrow.

  • Kyoko Yuasa

    Dear Anna
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    Thank you for singing about the Dissertation Blues for me, David.
    You encouraged me to start to write a phrase for the paper today.
    I am a Ph.D.student in Japan, too. I write on C.S. Lewis and Christain Postmodernism.

  • http://goannatree.blogspot.com Goannatree

    Kyoko san,
    genki desu ka. Arigato for your comment. I am glad you found some encouragement (?) in listening to these lighthearted songs! I would love to hear more about your project. Email me if you like goannatree_at_gmail.com (replace the _at_ with @). Hope all is well with you.

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