First Things: Dean Thomas S Hibbs on the appointment of Ken Starr at Baylor

by Anna Blanch on February 23, 2010

First Things published an article this morning with an insider’s view on the decision to appointment Judge Ken Starr as the new president at Baylor University.

Dean Thomas Hibbs, Dean of the Honors College at Baylor University and Distinguished Professor of Ethics writes about how even those involved in the decision were impressed by his application and his character but that in some sense even they had some initial reservations to overcome.

I had the privilege of working in the Honors College while I was at Baylor and I’ve take Dean Hibbs words to heart! I trust his judgment and he offers some encouraging words for those who are waiting and watching to see how this will play out.

I’ve also been watching the coverage surrounding Phillip Ryken’s appointment as President of Wheaton.

[Photo Credit: Anna M Blanch @ Homecoming 2008]

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