It’s Official: Former White House Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is Baylor University’s new President

by Anna Blanch on February 15, 2010

So i’ve had it confirmed from sources within Baylor’s administration that Kenneth Starr is indeed Baylor’s 14th President.  

Update: Here is the OFFICIAL BAYLOR UNIVERSITY ANNOUNCEMENT. Staff and Students received an email at 1pm US central time today informing them of the “unanimous decision”.

I wrote about the rumours (when they were still rumours) earlier today – take a look if you like.

This is definitely not the last we are going to hear about this. I think the responses from within the Baylor community as well as outside will be something to write about, if the intial news media and blog responses are anything to go by. 

I am more interested in President-elect Starr’s actual performance and he’s going to need some time to show BU and all its constituent parts what he is really made of! This might just be his toughest job yet.

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