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by Anna Blanch on February 4, 2010

So, for those who took notice (and i’m happy to say that’s way more than i thought would) I went missing in action for the last 5 weeks. Around Christmas I realised I needed to take a short break to get the rest of my non-blogging existence in order, and because I have been travelling all over the UK – I’ve been in or through London four times in the last month, as well as in Kent, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Scotland. All of this travelling wouldn’t be very noteworthy, except that I live north of Edinburgh and in UK, that’s a long way!

Some shorts first before the posts start flowing, sort of freely, again.

Trooper Mark Donaldson, who I wrote this post about last Australia Day (26 January 2009) was awarded the Young Australian of the Year on the 26 January 2010. His responses have been that you would expect of a true hero. A worthy Australian of the year and someone whose courage should be held up as an example to emulate.

I attended a British Postgraduate Researcher Day on 19th-21st C. British Literature at the British Library the beginning of February. Take a look at the dates for the couple remaining in early 2010. keep an eye out, i’m sure if you missed this round they’ll be back later in the year. I heard about some great research initiatives into the Digital Humanities which I will let you know more about in the new future.

I’ve been awarded the Revd Dr Murray McGregor Memorial Scholarship which will enable me to spend a week at St Deiniol’s Library in Hawarden, Wales in May, to research aspects of Christian socialism for my PhD research on E.Nesbit.

It’s a very scholarly thing to do…but I visited E.Nesbit’s grave in St Mary on the Marsh just after Christmas with fellow Victorianists Courtney Salvey and Dr Stephen Prickett.* Visiting this church and her grave got me asking questions about why she was buried at this church? It is at least 15 miles from the home she lived in with her second husband T.Tucker. These questions have lead me down some rabbit warrens involving the minister who conducted her funeral – and into learning about how to research Anglican church and pastoral history.

*BLATANT PLUG: Dr Prickett’s (Emeritus Regius Professor at Glasgow University) recent book Modernity and the Reinvention of Tradition published in 2009 is available from Cambridge. Indeed a number of his older works (from the 70’s and 80’s have recently been reprinted by Cambridge (which has meant I now have my very own copies of works I’ve been referring to from library copies for years).

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