Living amongst Martyrs

by Anna Blanch on February 28, 2010

The law says pay thy debt.
The Gospel says Christ hath paid it
The law says thou art a sinner, despair and thou shalt be damned.
The Gospel says thy sins are forgiven thee, be of good comfort, thou shalt be saved.
The law says make amends for thy sin.
The Gospel says Christ hath made it for thee,
The law says the Father of Heaven is angry with thee.
The Gospel says Christ hath pacified Him with His blood.
The law says where is thy righteousness, goodness and satisfaction?
The Gospel says Christ is thy righteousness, thy goodness, and satisfaction.
The law says thou art bound and obliged to me, to the devil and to hell.
The Gospel says Christ hath delivered thee from them all. 

This reflection is attributed to Patrick Hamilton (born 1505, died 28 February 1529) who died for his faith in this town, less than one hundred metres from where I sit, 481 years ago today. His initials can be seen today in the cobblestones in front of the entrance to St Salvator’s. He was 24.

Patrick Hamilton was a Scottish churchman and an early Protestant Reformer in Scotland. He travelled to Europe, where he met several of the leading reforming thinkers, before returning to Scotland to preach. He was tried as a heretic by Archbishop James Beaton, and burned at the stake in St Andrews.

I wrote about the martyrs crosses that can be seen around St Andrews in earlier post if you’d like to understand some of the historical background.

HT: ET for reminding me of Hamilton’s anniversary.
Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD student in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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