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by Anna Blanch on July 21, 2010

I’ve been getting know a bunch of ladies from Secret’s Is In The Sauce and I wanted to share a couple of posts from them this afternoon – they write about their lives. I like reading their stories and their struggles and triumphs. It’s amazing which parts of life we have in common and those things on which we are a world apart. Makes for interesting blog-hopping.

Jenny Bradbury writes a blog titled Strong Personality, she’s a Seattle parent on the brink of a career change. Strong Personality is my place to share tips & tools that make her busy life easier. She put together this great resource for parents who are leaving their children with caregivers (even if just for the night).

Kreate by KeKe is a scrapbooking blog by a beginner, for beginners. KeKe promises to try techniques and teach them through her blog that is in your style and friendly on your budget.  She links to the scrapbooking blogs, resources, and supply sites.She’s written a funny post on the do’s and don’ts for beginner scrapbookers.
Jamie blogs at All My Loose Ends where she tackles marriage, motherhood and creativity all tied up in one. She wrote this post in February as a reminder about the importance of saying yes.

Terri blogs at The Very Latest Thing. She recently wrote a rant about misuse of Facebook. She would love to hear other people’s take on this issue. Terri describes herself as “a wife, mother of 10, grandmother of 2 and an all-around fun person. I write two blogs and have a novel in progress.”

Spitfire of  Spitfire’s World says : “I am the daughter of 2, sister of 9, wife of 1, and mother of 2 beautiful girls. I separated from the Air Force the day before I got married, and am currently studying medical transcriptions, as well as learning this awesome world of blogging!” 

  • @lynda

    Such a great post! Thank you for highlighting your fellow #31DBBB SITStahs!

    Spitfire is amazing! She has 6 terrific blogs entered into the niche directory. I thought I was busy – I have no idea how she keeps up with them AND the challenge!
    My recent post 31DBBB – Days 3 &amp 4

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