Need a holiday from your holiday?

by Anna Blanch on April 11, 2010

I leave Australia tomorrow to begin a drawn out journey back to Scotland (via the US). The weather here has been beautiful and a much welcomed respite from the Scottish winter. 

I’ve struggled to take a mental as well as a physical break from work – and as such I’ve decided that apart from this post I’m going to take a break from Goannatree until I get back to Scotland in just under two weeks.

By then my General Research Ordinance will also have been submitted in my absence and I’ll have a chance to get some space from my laptop which has begun to feel like an extra limb. Not good for the sense that you’ve had a holiday.

What do you need to do to feel like you are mentally as well as physically recharging?

  • Kutz (Peter Kutuzov)

    C'mon Anna, join the discussion. You know you want to.

    Bummed to hear that you've not relaxed as much as you'd have liked though… 🙁 WIll pray.
    My recent post Back!

  • Goannatree

    Ok…i'm back now and I will bite….I'll try and find a moment to join this discussion.

    Thanks for the prayer. The volcano gave me an extra 10 days…

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