The Sweet 16 of Tough Graders

by Anna Blanch on March 23, 2010

So continues this series of March Madness Posts where I bring you stories about Academic Performance and the “big dance” however tangential the relationship! This post is in honour of both the Baylor Bears and Lady Bears making it through to the Sweet Sixteen and Brittany Griner’s 14 blocks (count them) against Georgetown last night! That’s a new NCAA record for the Baylor Freshman – just wait till she starts dunking!

Today I bring you’s “Sweet Sixteen of Tough Graders”

Instead of looking what they term “slacker havens”, this year they are looking at those schools where it is tough to even get an A. Basically – these are schools that are, in the mind of fighting exactly that, grade inflation!

They present 16 schools where getting an A is tougher than average, though they have the lovely chart above to help you compare all the athletic conferences next to each other. Interestingly, No Big 12 schools made this list even though they have the lowest average GPA according to the chart. What i cannot tell if this relates only to Athletic GPA or general GPA.

There’s some you’ll expect, like MIT, Princeton, and Boston University and some that may not have come to mind immediately like University of Houston and Auburn University (and the attendant anti-‘bama commentary!) and some you may never have heard of like Hampden-Sydney  College (HT: DC…think this’ll make you smile!), Simon Fraser University and Harvey Mudd College. You read the full list and commentary here.

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(Griner Dunking): Rod Aydelotte / AP

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