Taylor Mali on What it takes to be a Teacher

by Anna Blanch on April 14, 2010

On the skills required to teach.This is funny.

It is also about the need for new teachers and the kind of people needed to be those teachers!

Titled “Miracle Workers,” this is a 2007 performance comes from Bowdoin College. After hearing and seeing a few more of his poems I wanted to find out more about him. Mali has taught at highschool and college level and when he stopped teaching in 2000 to pursue poetry full-time he set a goal: to inspire, to create as it were, 1000 people to become teachers!  That’s a pretty laudable goal. By 2008, over 400 people had contacted Taylor to tell him they were inspired, in part, by his poetry and the way he talks about teachers and the teaching profession to become teaching.

  • Christina Baik

    Dear Anna,

    Wow, what a find! I am intrigued and encouraged by your blog. This latest entry is especially striking because I am currently a teacher, planning to apply for religion and literature graduate programs in the fall. I am Christian, and a lover of the intersections of literature, creative writing, theology, the Bible, faith… I long to study and teach this passion.

    I live in the States, so have primarily been looking into domestic programs, but realize that there are also many other opportunities abroad. Would you be able to give me some advice as I research programs? If so, I could send you an email with more specific information about my interests.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Christina Baik

  • http://goannatree.blogspot.com Goannatree


    Welcome and I'm so glad you left a comment! You are more than welcome to send me an email at Goannatree_at_gmail.com which any questions and interests.

    You've motivated me to get writing on the series of posts aboout domestic and internatonal programs in theology and literature and theology and the arts.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you – i've been a little bit scattered with all the travelling. I am interested and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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