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by Anna Blanch on March 19, 2010

Finally a Top 100 list that actually has some methodology behind it!

I am more than happy to share Top 100 Church Blogs (+ 30 bonus blogs) put together by ChurchRelevance.

My biggest criticism in the other lists, including my massive list of posts on 100 Top Theology Blogs, was the lack of clear methodology. Here is the methodology for CR’s list (taken from their site, but with tenses changed):

  1. 200 well-known blogs were selected.
  2. Data was collected for each blog from all 5 measured criteria (i.e., Alexa Rank, Compte Visitors, Google PageRank, Google Reader Subscribers, and Yahoo Inlinks).
  3. For each of the 5 measured criteria, each blog was ranked in comparison to all other blogs being evaluated.
  4. A composite rank for each blog was determined by averaging each blogs ranking from the 5 measured criteria.
  5. The top 100 blogs (and 30 bonus blogs) were published.

I do quibble a little with Alexa being used because this is only available for those blogs which are self hosted which takes blogs like Faith and Theology which are hosted on the blogger platform out of the running. Which is a shame, cause i think Faith and Theology would have given the list a shake!

All in all though, kudos and Thankyou. It’s nice not to have to write a post bagging one of these kinds of lists for a change!

HT: Davis Dunham at Christ and Pop Culture.

Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD student in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

  • Kent Shaffer

    I am glad you enjoyed the list! Thank you for the compliments.
    My recent post Top 100 Church Blogs of Spring 2010

  • pgepps

    It is handy, though one could argue that this defines "top" clearly at the expense of defining "top" meaningfully.

  • Goannatree

    @pgepps: i agree with you. but like Top5Biblioblogs this list at least has some empirical evidence to support their assertions. I tried to make some kind of judgment call in my reviews of the theology blog lists but my grading was almost an unmitigated disaster.

    @Kent: thanks for dropping by. Would you like to address my concerns about how you get around the Alexa issue for those who use Blogger for whom Alexa doesn't work?

  • CherylSmith
  • Goannatree

    @Cheryl and @ Laura: Great to meet you both! thanks for stopping by. I hope this will help HighCallingBlogs draw in other great bloggers into the community!

  • laura

    I'm another High Calling Blogs person–just came over after Cheryl shared the news we made it on this list. Yay! Some very good reading to explore here. Thanks for hooking us up!
    My recent post Smiling Moon

  • Ann Kroeker

    Another HCB member stopping by! Thanks for sending us to the list–it's fun to scan the names and click over to the blogs I'm not familiar with.

    You said Alexa only tracks self-hosted blogs, so I went there and plugged in my own blog, which is hosted by, and there's information on me. Is it just that the information isn't as detailed? You've got me curious about that tracking….
    My recent post Food on Fridays: Whole Wheat Honey Bread

  • Goannatree

    @ Ann: I went to all of the above to confirm and discovered both that you are right about Alexa (since the last time i checked about 6 months ago they added a meta tag that you can use in your blogger layout to claim your site). However, the problem i mentioned above – that used to be the case with Alexa – still stands for – this site will not let you register a "sub-domain," only a domain and blogger is different to wordpress in this respect.

    Alexa is still very patchy unless you are in the top 100,000 sites. I get far better information from Sitemeter and google analytics. On matters of site analytics Marcus is probably a better person to talk to than me but sometimes you can do things in wordpress that you can't do in Blogger.

    Looking through the metrics used for this list has further motivated me to get my site moved over to self-hosting and the domain i've now owned for over 12 months and haven't done anything with. So much of this is restricted for blogs that are not self-hosted.

    In any case, thanks for dropping by! have a great day!

  • Ann Kroeker

    Thanks for all of this detailed explanation–someday I, too, will switch over to self-hosting. I own "", which forwards to the free WordPress site I've used for years. Last year I almost took the plunge, but talked myself out of it. Now I'm kind of wishing I'd plunged!
    My recent post Food on Fridays: Whole Wheat Honey Bread

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