Transposition Tuesday: Sport as a God?

by Anna Blanch on June 29, 2010

I’m now posting each Tuesday over at Transpositions. I started over there a couple of weeks ago, but the blog only went “live” this week. My fellow collaborators are a great bunch, with a wide range of different interests across the Arts and theology. It makes for an interesting and lively discussion. You can find the full list of my posts over at Transpositions here.

If Sport is a God, then why don’t all my teams win?
Like one of the classical Fates (the women with the long hair who variously weave time determining fortune, life span, and happiness) Sport is sometimes given the status of a sentient person, and like some puppet master orchestrates the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,”  the triumphant comebacks, and all those victories that just seem right. Am I being a little melodramatic?… You’ll have to go read the rest of the post to decide!

 Anna M Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

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