Trinity College, Cambridge

by Anna Blanch on February 5, 2010

So I’ve long since accepted that I get excited about happenings and information that make my family and many friends look at me with bewilderment. I am not a geek, but I am happily a 19th Literature nerd…but i’m not one of those beautiful (and they are usually beautiful) souls who embraces the Victorian era and all the sociability and gentility and accomplished young women who are, well, accomplished. Nope, i’m a little too much of a 21st century gal whose pioneering Australian heritage runs a little too deep. I am a product of post-post-colonial Australia who is at the best of times, rough and ready! 

Yet, it is with more than a little excitement that I will, today, take possession of a reader’s card for the University of Cambridge library system and meet a fellow Australian (and fellow of Cambridge) for lunch at Trinity College. This week has been all about research at the British Library and though it has been extremely productive, the long hours were a little shock to the system after a few months of 8 hour days! I found some gems in my travels which i cannot wait to share – so stay tuned!

The Wren Library at Trinity College is a beautiful library which i just have to share a picture of!

For more pictures of beautiful libraries around the world – perfect inspiration for bibliophiles who like to travel – see Curious Expeditions rapture inducing post about beautiful libraries.

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