What if Academic Performance determined the NCAA tournament winner?

by Anna Blanch on March 15, 2010

In honor of Baylor Mens Basketball being named a 3 seed in this year’s tournament I’d thought I’d give a post over to March Madness. But never fear, it’s about Academic Performance. What can i say? – my blood was already green and gold before I arrived at Baylor and the ANU mascot is also a Bear, so it was kind of inevitable that the Bears would get under my skin. That and free tickets to BBall games as a Graduate Student means lots of good memories.** I guess you could say that it was pretty cheap to buy my loyalty!

As Inside Higher Ed describes it:

For the fifth consecutive year, Inside Higher Ed presents its Academic Performance Tournament – a unique look at what the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament would look like if teams advanced based solely on their outcomes in the classroom.

They have the full bracket played out.

For the record – Kansas would win beating Duke. For the other record, Baylor would put in a solid performance going down to Duke in the quarters, after taking down Notre Dame and Villanova on the way. I am sure this would make Scott Drew smile just a little. Not as much as beating Valpariso and definitely not as much as actually performing to that level on the court.

My predication, nay, my hope for Baylor in this year’s tournament? I’d love to see them make Final Four*. I think they have the team to do it. Besides, Tweety Carter has earned this!

*who am i kidding? I’d love to actually be able to watch a game on TV. full stop. This seasons games have been on at 1-3am local time here…and i like my sleep. But if there’s a day game somewhere in the tournament future then it will make this alum and the other alums in Scotland (there’s more than you would think) more than a little happy!

** especially beating Georgetown last year. Not so much the games against Arkansas where a bad team managed to beat us and the game against the Jayhawks where we lost in the final 3seconds. It would have been really nice to have witnessed those fans silent. Not as nice as watching Baylor beat A&M or Texas (which we’ve done 3 times this season btw) but pretty good…

[Photo credit: Baylor Photography via Baylor Proud]

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