Wives and Rantipoling: a marriage blessing.

by Anna Blanch on May 28, 2010

A ragamuffin husband and a rantipoling wife.
We’ll fiddle and scrape it through the
ups & downs of life.

Or so William Gladstone wrote of his 60 year marriage. I couldn’t initially find a definition for “rantipoling” but i’ve been told that it teasingly invokes qualities of playfulness, capability, and joyfulness.

The photo above and this post are in honour of friends who are marrying today, Krissa and Brock. I hope they have a wonderful day, but more than that I hope they continue to bless each other and together serve and bless others throughout the rest of their married lives!

I am also reminded of the words of Ralph W Sockman:

Nothing is so strong as gentleness 
nothing so gentle as real strength

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