The World Cup and the Ph.D.

by Anna Blanch on June 14, 2010

Yes, I am aware Australia lost 4-0 against Germany yesterday. I watched all 94 excruciating minutes of the game with about 30 Germans. However, this post is not about rehashing Tim Cahill’s ludicrous red card or Lucas Neill’s headbutt to the back of some German player’s head. Rather, I wanted to share you a World Cup inspired PhD Comic that sums up the entire situation with characteristic erudition!

Click to make it larger!


Anna M Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St Andrews, Scotland. During major sporting events she usually finds ways to justify the many hours of watching by pointing to her interest in sport and in its familiar sacramental qualities.

  • Dianna

    I thought that red card was ridiculous, but I only saw the highlight reel. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  • Goannatree

    oh yes….it wasn't good. It got worse against Ghana though! Another red card!!!!

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