The worst and best PhD chat-up lines

by Anna Blanch on July 1, 2010

Advertised online: “14 Flirt Lines from a Ph.D.” Seriously, who thinks that’s a good idea? What are they? “You’re the Watson to my Crick?” “Your eyes put me in mind of a top-notch disquisition on Wittgenstein delivered in Düsseldorf last academic year?”

Sometimes my friends are pretty funny. This is one of those times where an entire post is based on the status ramblings of a much wittier friend and their friends. So whether you call them pick-up lines, chat-up lines or “flirt lines” this post is entirely dedicated to a little exploration.

Here are some of the other lines that the original status precipitated…
“Have you ever considered transgressing prescribed structures of sociocultural negotiation?”
“If I hadn’t read my Lyotard, baby, I’d think your world of discourse was self-legitimating!”

“The symmetry of your physical parts more established than CPT symmetry.”
“Want to see my ivory tower?”
“You are hotter than any other chick here (d.f.=14, chi^2=39.63, P<0.001)”
I take credit for none of these…
But, while we’re on the topic, PhD comics presents the following:
And then there’s this collection from the Advanced Physics Forums:
Magnetism: Baby, I am the north pole of a magnet, and you must be the south pole.
Thermal Conductivity: Baby, let your warm love flow through my copper body.
Thermodynamics: Baby, you’re so hot you’d make water boil instantly.
Quantum: If I am an electron in ground state, then you Ionize me every time you touch me! You excite me so much that my eyes glow violet everytime I see you!
PS: Please don’t use any of these. for all of our sakes. I take no responsibility for their use even jokingly. You may be contravening your departmental harassment policy to do so. Use your common sense. I’d love to give credit to the original authors for these, but i’ve chosen not to because i don’t think they intended their statements to be public – if you are the author of any of these and you’d like credit, let me know, i’ll gladly give it.

Anna M Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD student in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

  • Sturdy

    How about this one:
    "Wanna discover the origin of the species?"
    My recent post Sherlock Holmes and the Historians Question

  • Goannatree

    Oh Wow…

    PS: I was hoping you'd interject, but surely that's not the best you've got? ;P

  • Grace

    I'm in grad school, and I've never heard any of these? What does that say about me?!

  • Goannatree

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