Art and Appreciation on Transpositions

by Anna Blanch on October 6, 2011

TranspositionsThis week Jennifer Allen Craft is curating an Art and Appreciation Symposium on Transpositions.

I chose to ask the question:

Is Your Church subcontracting Cultural Discernment?

My post, up today, challenges whether many of us involved in local churches are opting out of the responsibility to help equip the artists among us and to engender discernment among our communities about what constitutes good literature. I specific ask whether in expecting the Christian publishing industry to act as a gatekeeper for what is good, and pure and holy, we are expecting that which is not in fact their bailiwick.  Rather, I contend that a reliance on Christian sub-culture causes our muscles of discernment to atrophy. Instead, we should be actively asking ourselves and each other, on what grounds do we decide what to read, what we enjoy, what we think is good?!

This is a matter of discipleship and spiritual growth. And that makes it pretty important to my mind.

The post begins like this:

Why do you read what you read? Is it because a teacher tells you or because a friend hands you a stack of books when he or she is done? Is it because you’re friendly with a local librarian who recommends books similar to one’s you’ve already borrowed? Do you only buy books from a particular bookstore? Or from the collection held by your church or school’s library?

Who do you trust to tell you what’s good?

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