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by Anna Blanch on March 23, 2011

Artisans Online Self described as:

home of the dreamers, the drop-kicks, the underground, high-flying, hopeful, honest, creative, and above all subversive lovers of God and his incredible creation. This space is a resource for people working out their Christian faith in Arts, Media, Fashion and Entertainment industries.

Artists in Christian Testimony – “Artists in Christian Testimony International’s ultimate objective is to see people around the world—as they come to Christ—worship God and express their faith in their own language and cultural style, while mobilizing and training church and mission leaders to more effectively worship and communicate the Gospel through music and the arts.” A.C.T. is building a mission board and non-profit  ministry supporting arts ministry and missions specialists worldwide. They have mentoring programs and the support of some high profile Brits.
Arts Centre Group – A UK enterprise, “Arts Centre Group brings together Christians who are working professionally in the field of the arts. We exist to support, encourage, inspire and mentor each other as we seek to integrate our lives, faith and artistic endeavours.”
Brehm Center -”At the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts we believe in the revitalization of the church through the arts. By engaging expert faculty, visiting scholars, and world-class artists, the Brehm Center investigates the theory and practice of artistic ministry.” Jen Waters writes about the Brehm Center in this Washington Times article.
Cafe credoCafe Credo -All about the art of oral storytelling.

The Credo Storytellers are a group of performing artists working in the fields of television, film, poetry, theatre and education. As artists we are excited by the revival of the oral tradition of storytelling. We are attracted by its simplicity of form, the inspirational release it brings to the imagination, its capacity to deal with universal themes and complexities of the heart.

christians in  entertainmentChristians in Entertainment offering fellowship and encouragement for Christians working in the Entertainment industry. Founded by Chris Gidney, this organisation is predominantly based in the West End.
Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) – Christians in the Visual Arts exists to explore and nurture the relationship between the Visual arts and the Christian Faith. Founded in 1979, CIVA first met to consider the place of the Christian artist in the church and in the world-at-large.

Artists create culture. They have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to make. The genius of Christian community is that all who belong are invited to participate, invited to bring their skills and their passions to contribute to the greater good.
As men and women bear God’s image by all kinds of creative expression, CIVA equips those called to the visual arts to flourish in their holy vocation and to pursue it with excellence.

Chrysalis Seed Trust -Based in New Zealand, Chrysalis offers a model for others interested in long term ministry to artists. Take a look at their site for more on how their  vision to ‘generate multiplying groups of artists in a subculture centred in Jesus’ has played out.  Its mission is to ‘equip artists to integrate their art and faith, and to reconcile art and faith communities’.
Imago – A Canadian based organisation, promoting the artistic development of Christians in theater, dance, fine arts, music, film and literature.

Art serves as a humanizing presence and that role has been underappreciated in our culture. Given the current state of affairs in our global community it should be evident that the presence of art is critical as a resource for bridging our differences and offering some threads of hope in the deeply troubling situations we face.

Imago also published profiles of artists, and provides opportunities for artists as part of their showcases.
International Arts Movement (IAM) – IAM is a catalyst arts organization committed to cultural and spiritual renewal. Its programs support individual artists in their work and embrace the entire arts community. IAM is active in Tokyo and New York City, with affiliations in Orlando, Los Angeles, and London. Its vision: a fusion of creativity and faith that expresses and illustrates God’s intimate and merciful identity in the world.

veritasseVeritasse – Oxford Arts Society is an organisation supporting artists, providing mentoring and opportunities to showcase and sell their art.


This post was originally published on Transpositions in February 2010 where I am also the Editor of Transpositions Tidbits.

Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is a regular contributor to Transpositions.

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