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by Anna Blanch on October 21, 2011

Today, I’m over at Transpositions reviewing God’s Grandeur: The Arts and Imagination in Theology.

So, although you might have missed it – The Transpositions team is very pleased to have been named runner-up in the ‘best blog’ category of the Christian New Media Awards last weekend! All of the winners and runners-up and finalists can be found on the Christian New Media Awards Website. The list of finalists and winners in our category were as follows:

Go and check them out and let me know what you think! In the meantime, I thought I should share some links to a couple of short interviews I’ve done recently:

An interview I did with Rev. Dr. Pete Phillips (CODEC, Durham University) at MediaLit (#medialit11) which has since been featured on Not only was it was the first AudioBoo featured on that website, it was also my first Boo!

This past weekend at the Christian New Media Conference (#cnmac11), I was audiobooed for a second time. This time the interviewer was Dr Bex Lewis. We were talking about the Christian New Media Awards and what I was looking forward to about the conference. You can find the whole list of interviews and videos here.


From the same conference, Johnny Rose (@98rosjon) and Helen (Hels_Bels_1) put together videos that summed up the CNMAC11 experience. A little bit of healthy competition never goes astray. Behold,  two videos in which you see/hear/bear witness to my crazy hair! Hopefully, what we all have to say is more inspiring that my vanity!

First, from Johnny Rose:

and the second, from Hels_Bels:

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  • theartofsteering

    Great to meet you at CNMAC the other week, Anna. Sorry I had to run off quite fast at the end of the evening…hope the next day went well for you too?


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