Daily Fragments

by Anna Blanch on August 7, 2011

For a few months now I’ve been sharing an image, of my own, either recent or from the last few years that speak to some aspect of my day, my life here in Scotland, or my thought-life and imagination in a series I call “Daily Fragments”. I’ve wanted to share some of these fragments here on the blog but honestly I’ve been having some technical glitches with images looking the way they’re supposed to. So, here’s a selection of the daily fragments:

Keep in mind that these are screenshots of heavily cropped thumbnails of heavily compressed images….much to my chagrin:

I’m slowly starting to share this side of my creative life. It’s challenging. I’m a little nervous about it actually.

But it’s also creatively inspiring, and that seems to outweigh the fragility I feel!

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  • http://www.southbounder.blogspot.com bekah

    know excactly whatcha mean.. love this tho. cheers

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