{e-shoot} a flight of fancy

by Anna Blanch on November 19, 2011

So this is the lovely couple, Josie and Danny. Now married, this shoot was done on a changeable Scottish summer’s day – there was wind, there was cloud, there was changing settings almost every single photo. It was another learning experience.

It was a whimsical shoot with dashes of faerie, a dash of the gothic (in the victorian sense, of course) and plenty of wit and smiles. It was also quirky. And fun!

And whimsically fairy-tale.

The colours of the stone and its texture makes Josie’s skin even more creamy!

In a scene that could illustrate a Victorian novel:

I feel satisfied with a shoot when it reflects what the couple asked for, and when it feels to me like it reflects the personalities of the subjects! This is what makes capturing moments like this so inspiring to me, when I can see what makes a person or a relationship special in the image. It is a rare quality, but it is almost overwhelming when it is achieved.

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Ps: Rather than complain about how i haven’t really shared much photography on here, I thought I’d just do it.

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