Film & Theology Weekend at Gladstone’s Library

by Anna Blanch on February 27, 2011

The ever popular Film and Theology weekend is being held from Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd April at Gladstone’s Library in Wales. This is it’s fourteenth year – that’s a lot of films. 

This is how Gladstone’s Library describes what’s in store for this year:

This year, we will view and review five films during the course of the weekend: the very funny David Baddiel comedy, The Infidel; the profoundly disturbing and unsettling terrorist comedy by Chris Morris, Four Lions; Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis, now lovingly restored; the classic Scottish comedy, Whisky Galore; Agora, a film about the destruction of the great classical library in Alexandria with the Christians acting very much like the modern Taliban.  All of this and our Clips and Cuttings feature where participants are invited to bring a DVD to show a short clip of less than four minutes that is resonant with their theology and are asked to give a short introduction (which must be shorter than the clip!).

The theme running through the weekend is tolerance. You can be certain of a good time, excellent discussion and stimulating viewing. The price of the weekend is all inclusive and is, as always, tremendous value.
For more information, please visit thier website. You can book by phone on 01244 532350 or by email.

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