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by Anna Blanch on October 28, 2011

I’m a Baylor Bear. That is, I’m a graduate of Baylor University. I had a garden gnome named Sam when I lived in Waco. This post is about garden gnomes and wonderful friends.

About a month ago I saw a Baylor garden gnome advertised. It was actually a different one to the one on the left, but i can’t find a picture of that one now. It was certainly a little less gory. Actually, it was alot less gory. If you want the one at the left, go here.

Update: The Twitter side of Baylor Proud shared a link of another BU garden gnome with me this afternoon and lo-and-behold it was the one that I had noticed a few weeks ago! Isn’t he so much less gory than our friend on the left?

I mentioned on facebook how much I miss my garden gnome friend, Sam, who made my life in Waco a little bit brighter! Sam has quite a colourful story (although one that would undermine any sense anyone would ever have of taking me seriously….).

My friend Nat, whose become quite a potter in the last couple of years in the workshop and kiln she and her mom built together, sent me a message saying that she was going to try and make me a little gnome to assuage my gnome-sickness.

So today, there was a knock on the door of the cottage-by-the-sea, and the smiling postman handed me a box.

The little guy arrived packed extremely well with a sweet letter from Nat. Nat usually makes amazing ceramic plates, cups, mugs, and bowls. This is her first foray into the gnome making business.

I’m so chuffed to add him to my Duncan room collection. I’m sure he’ll grace my offices to come (presuming of course I manage to find a job)!

So you ready? Because here he is:

He is awesome! To boot (pun intended), Nat added a bunch of little details that will make me smile every time I see him!

He is a true Texan Baylor Bear!

But, you know what? he doesn’t have a name. He needs a name!

Aren’t those boots something else? I love the over-the-top kitschy-ness.

So, here’s my tribute to you, Nat, the Garden Gnome Maker. She makes a pretty mean chilli too, now that i think about.

Sometimes I really miss Texas.

ps: if you haven’t heard Bud Light’s tribute to Mr Garden Gnome Maker, you should. Thanks to Kurt for that gem!

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  • Amy Nabors

    What a wonderful gift from such a thoughtful friend! I think Boot or SicEm would work for a name. 🙂

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