I’m thankful…for this friend

by Anna Blanch on November 23, 2011

Maybe you have a friend like this. If you do, you will know what I mean when I say that friends like this are hard to come by: A friend with whom you can be yourself.

A friend with whom you don’t need to speak everyday but when you do, it’s as if no time has passed and you both wish it were possible to talk as much as you once did, when you lived in the same place and you both didn’t have jobs with long hours.

A friend who is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside, if that’s possible.

A friend who encourages, and cautions. Who wants your best, and knows you’ll love them even more because they speak the truth you might not always want to hear.

A friend for whom your heart swells when they are happy and which breaks when they are sad.

A friend who makes living on the other side of the world just a little easier because they’re living on the other side of the world too. A friend who you’re excited to be on the same continent as and whom you love to spend time with because you’re not a visitor!

A friend with whom you’ve laughed so hard your stomach hurts the next day, and cried tears of heartrending sadness, with whom you’ve planned and asked questions like, ‘Do you love him?’

When I think about what I’m thankful for, who I’m thankful for – this is one for whom I’m thankful.

Have you got a friend for whom you are thankful?


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