Transpositions Wednesday: A Plea For Charity In Criticism

by Anna Blanch on July 6, 2011

Transpositions Today I can be found over at Transpositions reflecting on being a critic, writing criticism of artistic works, and thinking about how we read and experience the work of others.

Here’s an excerpt:

Being critical in the sense of articulating a negative assessment or deconstructing a work, or a piece of writing, is easy. It is easy to point out the absences, the flaws and the failings of a work. Sometimes they need to be pointed out. Sometimes that elucidation of the holes and cracks in a work or an argument is essential to its eventual bearing of fruit.

But, I wonder whether falling back to tearing down as a default position in “criticism” we don’t also lose some of own humanity? Is there another way? Another default path?

I’d love to hear what you think about the rest of First, read charitably: towards an ethic of criticism

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