Home Library: A House made of Books

by Anna Blanch on August 8, 2011

Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio designed this bookshelf-lined house in Osaka for a collector of books on Islamic history. The brief was to design a structure where books could line every surface.

Shelf-Pod is a private residence and study building, located in Osaka prefecture, Japan. The client owns an extensive collection of books on the subject of Islamic history, so he requested that we create this building with the maximum capacity for its storage and exhibition.

In order to satisfy this demand effectively, we designed a lattice structure made from 25mm thick laminated pine-board which serve as book-shelves. The dimensions of each shelf are as follows: 360mm height, 300mm width and 300mm depth. All of the architectural elements in this space (stairs, windows, desks, chairs, etc) have been designed on the basis of this shelf scale, with the aim of achieving geometrical harmony which is comparable to Islamic Architecture. This innovative structural system affords not only large amount of book storage, but the possibility of flexible floor level which can be delivered from every height of bookshelf. Each space for different activity rise up helically, giving the impression of exploring a wooden jungle gym.

Thanks Dave Mack for sharing this one with me!

I’m really enjoying receiving suggestions for the regular Home Library feature here so if you’ve got a favourite to share, drop me a line via twitter (@goannatree) or on the facebook page or via the contact page. I’m looking forward to feature more real home libraries, so if you’ve got a fab one or you know someone with one then drop me a line!

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