Believing in Poetry

by Anna Blanch on June 1, 2011

TranspositionsToday I’m over at Transpositions thinking about Believing Poetically.

I’m responding to some thoughts of Michael Edwards, the French poet and critic, including these:

…a poem is an act, whether we are writing it or reading it, and that poetry, which is about living, is also a way of living, as is belief. Even the word belief is not the best word, since it can deflect attention to the fact of holding to certain truths as a matter of conviction, whereas believing, with its suggestion, as in knowing or being, of moving actively through time, evokes the fleshing of beliefs in what one does and how one is. […] Within the bounds of this believing, the Christian poet can explore and continue to explore, on the understanding the Christianity is larger than his capacity to think about it.

To find out what I have to say about it, take a look at the full post.

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