Christmas Poetry and CASE Magazine

by Anna Blanch on December 22, 2011

I’ve been sharing Christmas poetry and will up until Christmas. This is partly because I wanted to share the work of some of my favourite Australian poets, but also because of the prompting of an article I wrote for CASE Magazine’s Christmas issue about Australian Christmas poetry. It was an incredibly fun piece to write!

Here’s a little more about the issue as a whole

Case Magazine: Selling Christmas

Christmas: it’s used to sell just about everything, from dresses to drills, peaches to Playstations, and cards to… well… Case magazine! Is the retailer’s dream also the Christian’s nightmare, or is it a unique opportunity to share God incarnate with the world? Should Christians withdraw from this often far-from-holy public holiday (not to mention, for Australian Christians, a far-too-Northern-Hemisphere snow and holly-day), revel in it, or find alternative ways to celebrate it?

These are some of the issues explored in the latest edition of Case magazine, along with the question of whether the incarnate God of Christmas carols is just too strange to believe today, the value of celebrating a shared Christian calendar, and why we include Three Kings in nativity scenes. We hope you enjoy reading and thinking about Christmas this Christmas. You can subscribe to the magazine here.


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