Greenbelt Highlights: In Images

by Anna Blanch on September 4, 2011

I’ll try and write a couple of posts explaining the experience that was Greenbelt 2011 sometime this week!

Between Greenbelt and still recovering from what the doctors are calling post-viral fatigue, i’ve been feeling under lots of pressure! In the midst of all of this – it’s going to be a big couple of weeks on Transpositions and I’m trying to get a 3rd chapter to bed (at least a 2nd draft) and about a 6th or 7th draft of chapter 2! I know, I know – all this crazy dissertation talk gets old! Sorry, that’s going to be story of the next 12 months!

But, I thought the best place to start was a gallery of a small selection of images from Greenbelt! I wanted to add some of these to my Transpositions review of Greenbelt as an aesthetic and religious spectrum, but because I was shooting in RAW, the images were too big to upload without some serious editing! Thankfully, Goannatree’s servers are a little more forgiving on the large file side!

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