On a train to nowhere

by Anna Blanch on October 22, 2011

Western HighlandsSo today is usually an Overland to Oz related planning post but there’s been too much else going for me to do much more planning and so i thought i’d share some photos from one of my favourite train trips – the western highland line to Mallaig.

Scotland can be achingly beautiful.

Around every bend was another heart wrenchingly spectacular view.

Creation cried out.


Lochs and Mountains….

The mirror-like lochs were the most spectacular i’ve ever photographed.

I could seriously handle a morning or two fishing on that boat there…the clouds dance – the mountains bow down.


One notable aspect of this train journey – other than the fact that it’s regularly listed as the most beautiful train journey in the UK (and western europe) is the fact that this famous railway bridge, the Glenfinnian Viaduct, was featured in Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets movie as the crazy modified muggle car flew under it as the steam train went over. It is spectacular (and very hard to get an image of while still on the train)…

This is a different viaduct, but here you can see that it’s a similar design to its more famous sibling, Glenfinninan

My favourite image from this trip is this last one –

A church on a mountainside in the Scottish highlands.


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