8,474,343 kilometres; or friends across the world

by Anna Blanch on September 23, 2011

Anna Blanch western unionStats are weird beasts. They only provide one small aspect of a picture. They are often a result of self-selection – only yielding data from which to interpret based on the group of people that have self-selected to have their information included in whatever resource it is.

Anna is the 229th most networked person in United Kingdom on Social Networks: Anna has friends in 37 countries, covering a distance of 8,474,343 Kilometers – How well networked are you? Find out here

The stats of this one are fairly meaningless, except for the top three boxes. those I find interesting because it isn’t about comparing me to anyone else. I find it fascinating to consider the number of countries in which I have friends living. This is only based on facebook, so it’s not entirely adequate – but it’s illuminating nonetheless.

I’m passionate about the richness that the friends I’ve met while travelling, while living in residential accommodation during university, while on exchange, and while living on three different continents. It’s also one of my favourite things about academia – that I have colleagues, peers, and students from so many different countries and cultures. I learn so much from them.

So tell me, do you have a friend in a faraway country that you’ve always wanted to visit?

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