A Christian Reflection on the London Riots

by Anna Blanch on August 9, 2011

The title of this post may be slightly misleading. I’m not sure I have anything profound to say. I’m not going to quote a verse nor offer anything beyond my quiet thoughts and prayers as yet. I have learnt (especially in the blogosphere) that it is best for me to be slow to speak, reflecting prayerfully, and seeking to meet the immediate need for compassion, information and any other immediate felt need. Hence my post this morning.

I wrote this title for this post because a number of people found my blog today because they were searching for exactly that: the search terms “christian reflection london riots”

I am Christian. I wrote about the London Riots.

Maybe google got something right.

I have a sense though that my lack of jumping to conclusions may have dissatisfied some people.

Certainly, I was accused on a particular social networking platform today of being “emotionally disconnected” because I carefully asked someone railing against “the capitalist forces that be” [my paraphrase] who is far removed geographically from the UK, to think carefully about political point-scoring for a while and implored them to be sensitive to the complexity of this situation and the people who are facing the reality of this violence.  If this makes me “emotionally disconnected” then we have different definitions of that phrase.

As for a Christian reflection on this situation, I’d like to commend to you Carson T. Clark’s God’s Purposes in the UK Riots – a well written peace that challenges the assumptions and saddening assertions being made in the US context about this situation.

I’d also strongly encourage you to read this post by Chaplain and resident of Salford, Hayley Matthews, about her experience of the Salford Riots.

I’ll update this with others as I come across them. Feel free to make suggestions.

There is also this piece mentioning the local efforts of a local church in Tottenham. [don’t bother reading the comments on that article though, they made my heart sad, keep what’s important important people]

Finally, @MethodistMedia tweeted about Prayer opportunities tonight in London: for info see here: http://t.co/OX52Lgt #londonriots #PrayForLondon

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