Making Bread

by Anna Blanch on December 16, 2011

Sometimes making bread is what I need.

the delicate chemistry of  the yeast,

of making the dough;

and reflecting on leaving to sit,

to grow,

to rise.

You can’t move too fast.

It has its own time.

Its own pace.

Then the time to knead, to shape,

to cover with oil and flour.

to smooth and shape again.

the dust of flour fills the kitchen

to leave sit once more.

to drink tea and look at the sea.

to sprinkle on salt or more oil.

To place in the oven

To wait.

The smell wafting through the cottage.

Sometimes the bread needs more time.

sometimes less.

this one had too long.

The bake is too much.

But the crumb is good.

The bread went with me to the ceilidh.

To feed more than me.

It’s not perfect. But it tastes good.

It’s the quotidian delight of the making of bread that matters.

Making Bread.

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