Why College Newspapers shouldn’t write arrogantly and pass it off as satire

by Anna Blanch on September 6, 2011

I had to share this. And not just because I’m a Baylor alum. And I’m kind of protective, like most people are of their family. You know, like I’m more than happy to make fun of the not-stellar nature of the past football programs, but heaven forbid anyone else dissing BU. Yep, I can be kind of nostalgic about Baylor like that. And not just about football. Baylor is unlike any other school. For good and for ill…. 😉

The article – which seems like it is supposed to be a satirical piece (at least I hope it is, seeing as TCU stands for Texas Christian University) -in part reads as follows:

At the first-ever TCU College Football Intensive, affectionately and humorously referred to as Baylor vs. TCU, TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson and his team will help in equipping student-athletes from Baylor with football skills and life lessons.

The TCU Horned Frogs have a lot in store for the football workshop. 125 student-athletes from Baylor will be guided through a series of drills to develop their offensive and defensive skill sets. TCU will run Baylor students through QB progression training, pass patterns, linebacker pursuits, and zone and man coverage drills. The camp will be heavily immersive.

“The workshop will look very similar to a college football game,” said Patterson, “we have even gotten ESPN to broadcast the game just as they would a real NCAA football game.”

It certainly makes light work of one of the oldest sporting rivalries in Texas football history.

But then so does BU 50 – TCU 48.

Here are some highlights from the game!

Seeing as the game between Baylor and TCU, a college football season opener which was played live to air on ESPN, is now available for instant replay as an “instant classic,” it’s pretty clear that the piece of satire was well, so far off the mark it’s any wonder that the sulphur of the egg on the faces of the writers can’t be smelt in Houston…
Based on statistics, the top two quarterbacks from last week’s game are Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (21-27, 359 yards, 5 TD, 0 Int, 158.3 rating) and Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright (2-2, 55 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, 158.3 rating).

Baylor has its own student run website dedicate to providing material for the procrastination needs of all who attend campus. But, thankfully, I can’t imagine the Baylor Guys being this arrogant. At least I hope their sense of humor is a little more witty than this.

In any case…the Associated Press poll for this week makes very nice reading.

I can’t remember when Baylor was on the list for Football let alone no.20, which, for the record, is higher that UT and TCU. Here’s hoping the team has a good showing against Texas A&M this season. The Battle of the Brazos in 2008 is one of my all time favourite BU football memories.

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