A (Digital) Room of One’s Own

by Anna Blanch on July 28, 2011

Anna Blanch Digital room of one's own

So, today I begin a new monthly column over at Big Bible as part of their #digidisciple project. I mentioned my involvement here. I’m really looking forward to seeing the posts and discussions that result from this innovative project.

My  first column over there is titled “Multiverse theorem in action: A (digital) room of one’s own

I also wanted to take this as an opportunity for creative collaboration. To that end, and working with the talented papercut artist, Charlotte Trimm, we came up with this fabulous papercut that I’m going to use as the image for the column. I went to her with an idea and a few source images as inspiration and she went from that! The chair is a nod to William Morris! (cool, huh!).

Charlotte is amazing to work with – actually collaborating with her probably gives me false ideas of how wonderful the collaborative process is; and her finished work shows all the hallmarks of serious artistry. Her technical skill and attention to detail are great, but more than that, she works at the idea until she’s able to execute a vision that makes both of us excited. You can see more of her work here and connect with her on facebook. Charlotte is based in Wales, but she has already worked with clients around the world, so don’t let distance stop you!

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