Give me the simple life…

by Anna Blanch on September 7, 2011

“a cottage small is all i’m after”….

June Christy’s version is the new official theme song of the “cottage-by-the-sea”

I’m not far away from picking my one (and likely only) beautiful red tomato. I’ve put up with a few little bugs in my kitchen, but i decided i’d live even with a few flying insects attracted to my tomato plants in order to be able to grow and eat my one tomato. I have photos of the tomato plant over time….when it’s a bit bigger, I may do a post on the wonders of my cottage garden, but with it being a “one tomato deal” i’m wondering if that would be a little overkill?!

The cottage has gone through some rearrangement and i’m hoping, if i can find time in the midst of dissertating (or thesisizing) I’m really hoping to up the “home” quotient of the cottage-by-the-sea with some additional wall art. It usually takes me 18 months of living anywhere to sort out wall art – so i’m pretty much right on track.

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  • L.L. Barkat

    I think I am still sorting out wall art, after six years. 🙂 It doesn't help that we have plaster walls and are hesitant to nail anything into them.

    • Goannatree

      My mum takes about 10 years (sorry, mum)! my sister was telling me of her surprise that my mum is finally getting around to putting up my graduation photo….
      You could do picture rails instead – might reduce the risk of damage.

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