“Kathy, it’s your nanna, give me a call”

by Anna Blanch on June 21, 2011

I am the wrong number quite a bit. At least once or twice a week.

I get sweet old ladies asking for a taxi.

young men thinking i’m the indian restaurant and order a curry takeout.

I’m an old friend they haven’t called in 10 years.

The lady who hasn’t taken her children, aged 5 and 2, to the dentist in a while.*

And. I’m Kathy.

Some want me to tell them the number they’ve called.

To which i respond with the question: what number did you try to call?

Others want to tell me about their friend. Or ask where they’ve moved.

Or insist I have a taxi pick them up at 10:23. And to be on time.

Others still are confused when I say i’ve no indian, or italian, or chinese to deliver them.

And it seems dentist office likes to remind multiple times a week for a month or two.

until they give in? or until i call them and tell them – I have no children. I go by another name. And please don’t call me again.


*Some messages are just that specific.

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