by Anna Blanch on October 11, 2011

So, here’s a story for ya. Yesterday I wrote a long post about the nutso week I just had. Except you didn’t really hear the punchline. You heard about Sarah Brown (!) and Global Campaign for education, the vendetta technology seems to have against me, and the myriad of posts that went up….

But what I didn’t tell you was how my Friday went down.

So I spent about 6 hours on friday afternoon sitting in the large open plan office shared by some of my colleagues and waiting on the installation, formatting and reformatting of harddrives. It was about 5:30pm by the time i got out of there. It was clear that “Mary” …

<Aside> my laptop now has the nickname Mary in honor of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, because my computer having a brand new internal harddrive is pretty much the bride of frankenstein, and still acting just as glitchy. </aside>

….was still not thrilled by her current situation. I was really tired and hungry.

And I had guests arriving between 6 and 7 for dinner – I’d planned an Indian feast and a homemade berry pie – so I grabbed a cab home. I started to get organised and decided that I’d quickly return the tools borrowed from my neighbours (one of whom is also a colleague) before getting stuck into making dinner. As I stepped out the front door to walk next door, I casually pulled the door closed behind me.

I pulled the deadlocked door behind me. Closed.


I locked myself out of the cottage, with my phone and keys inside.

With dinner guests due to arrive in 20 minutes.

I was relieved I hadn’t put the stove on yet. That would have been the icing on the cake!

So my neighbour and I looked for a way into the cottage and discovered that there was no way. I keep the place very secure (old habits die hard) so there was no way around it. It was going to take a trip to my landlord’s to ask for the spare keys!

But I had guests who didn’t know where they were going, and no phone to warn them of my ridiculous plight.

So, my neighbour did me an absolutely solid and drove to my landlord’s house on a mercy dash to get the keys.

My first guest arrived just as my neighbour returned with my keys!

Needless to say, I wasn’t cooking, hadn’t showered or changed, and was laughing pretty hard at my own carelessness when she arrived. And I was reminded that no matter how tiring and frustrating Friday was, I was also encouraged by the kindness of friends and colleagues.

Dinner was alot simpler than I had planned, and there was no pie. But the conversation was good, and the atmosphere warm! I was pretty grateful to have a dishwasher too so that I could fall into bed with the dishes on their way to being done.

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  • Amy Nabors

    Oh wow. You really did have one more of a week. Glad you were able to find joy in it though.

  • Zoe Rose

    Ha ha! Hilarious!

    Glad it all worked out – and that you could laugh about it!

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