Merry Christmas from the cottage-by-the-sea #lifeunmasked style

by Anna Blanch on December 21, 2011

I love this little girl, and I love that she loves to put up Christmas trees. I love that smiles cheekily.

But, alas, she is not here in the cottage-by-the-sea with me. She is somewhere much warmer.

I already put up a post for #lifeunmasked earlier today, but here is a little Christmas message, from me to you.

I mean what I say, by the way, Thank You!


I wouldn’t be involved in Life:Unmasked if it wasn’t for Life: Unmaskedthis challenge and invitation  from the lovely, Joy. This post I wrote about “getting real” prompted my involvement with This Life: Unmasked. Earlier today I shared my twelfth post for the challenge. Here is my first: Life: UnMasked, my second, Ready or Not, my third, Is the Heart Home?, my fourth, Like Fireflies in the Night and Swallows in the morning, my fifth, This is a Choice, and my sixth, A little less of a superhero, my seventh, Just another day…, my eighth, In Control? and my ninth, The travails of my single mindedness and my tenth, marking time, marking place and my eleventh, Writing Unmasked.

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