Summer in Scotland

by Anna Blanch on August 5, 2011

So it’s August. Which means it is Summer in Scotland.

But I have a dilemma….

The epitome of Summer in Australia:

On the rarest of Summer days in Scotland:
Picnic in Scotland

I’d be bending the truth if I said I didn’t miss the heat.

How much do I miss it?

I’m not sure I miss Texas in August. But I miss hot Australian days swimming in the late afternoon slathered in sunscreen and zinc.

I miss evening walks with my parents and siblings in the cooler night air. I missed those in Texas too. It doesn’t really cool down at night much at all in central Texas.

But, when it’s not 40 degrees (100 for those working in degrees) everyday; heck, when it’s not 25 degrees everyday, when it does hit 20 you want to enjoy it. You want to shake off the shackles of work and go for barefoot walks along the beach – even it’s still too cold to swim in the sea in the middle of “Summer.” Every summer plan has a rain contigency here. You arrange to meet a friend and you have a weather contingency! 😉

I value seasons more now than I ever have. I value long hot days punctuated by ice cubes and sprinklers. I love curling up when it is cold and wet and snuggling with a blanket and a book….

I don’t want to find my bones unable to be fully warmed in the sun.

I yearn to understand the pattern of the seasons here, to rejoice in their familiarity.

To be content with the sweetness of summer berries and the rich harvest of local seafood.

To be grateful for the warm moments, the warm days.

But yet, it is my reaction to the seasons and my desire to complain, to be unsatisfied that remind me I am yet a sojourner in this land..

1 There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens:


This post is also part of the lovely Nathalia’s summer photo competition.

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  • bekah

    "It is my reaction to the seasons and . . . to be unsatisfied that reminds me I am yet a sojourner."

    I totally get that.

    Me too.


    • Goannatree

      Thanks for comment Bekah! Yeah. I want to be able to rejoice in the rhythms here…but i struggle with it.
      Maybe if I ever do then I will be an immigrant rather than a sojourner….but that may be sometime off, yet.

  • MiMi

    I'm guessing you are talking celcius here…cuz 20 would kill me and I like cooler weather! LOL!! Great pictures!

    • Goannatree

      yes, mimi i am!! I just realised i missed out the Celsius in that sentence. it is definitely 20 degrees celsius here in the summer….in the winter it's closer to 20 degrees F. Thanks for your comment!

  • Yolanda

    I will happily trade places with you – we out here in Central Texas have had over a month of 100+ degree weather. It's even too hot to set up Little Ted's kiddie pool. Ew.

    • Goannatree

      That's not good!!! Yeah, when i'm thinking heat i'm not thinking texas in july/august…
      but i have to tell you i was home in Australia in january where it was close to/over 100 everyday and i didn't complain….mainly because i think my bones we cold through….it took a while to thaw out! Poor Little Ted….hopefully you guys can find some respite!

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