Vitamin J

by Anna Blanch on September 5, 2011

Most days I take Vitamins. My diet is pretty good so until recently there were no multi-vitamins for me. Instead, I’ve generally stuck with some of the letter ones.

Specifically I take Vitamin D.

Mainly because I’ve always lived in sunny climes and I’ve noticed that I just can’t get enough sun here. I don’t mean “enough sun” in the “i’m trying to tan” – I mean there’s not much sun here. In fact, there’s only a few months a year where it’s possible to get the daily recommended dose!

Scotland is beautiful in the sunshine – the colours are different. The purple heather is vibrant on the verdant hills and the golden flecks of wildflowers and canola ripples across fields. But, despite this, and especially in the long, cold, short-dayed winters, there is not enough sun.

Hence, whether I’m relying on a placebo or not, I take Vitamin D.

It occurred to me this morning that sometimes I think of Jesus like another vitamin i’m popping.

Vitamin J.

Do I just add my thoughts and attention toward him like a nice, little, added extra?  as if by doing so i’ve done my spiritual stuff for the day.

Ironically, it’s when my days are filled with reading vast amounts of Theology that this thought occurs to me. Often is all God-talk and not much God. Sometimes it’s not even God-talk, but a series of abstract transcendant prose so dense as to obfuscate…

Most of these metaphors fall down. Jesus is not my boyfriend, nor is he a transfusion or a transplant. He’

Jesus is the WORD that permeates all.

Studying theology for its own sake (as much as studying philosophy for its own sake) can lead one away from asking difficult questions; and it can dampen the fire within – leaving me yearning only for more knowledge that never satiates fully, rather than seeking wisdom.

Why do i insist on treating him like a short-lived refreshing glass of highland sparkling water when he is the living water?

Why do I act as though I think of him as Vitamin J?

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  • @drgeorgemorley

    Really resonate with this! I sometimes fear that doing my daily thing with Bible Notes is just a Jesusy sort of horoscope – I barely engage more than looking for a key word or phrase for the day.
    But/and… for all that it would be shed loads better to be doing it another, deeper way, I try to be kind to myself in the details and firm with myself in the bigger picture. Each day it is better to get a dose of vitamin J than not, and some days that sort of workaday pragmatic is as good as I can manage in my part of the exchange. I can't think of a single aspect of my life when I do The Very Best Possible every single day, and every day I am dependent on others taking their part, sharing the communication and the experience, keeping me on the straight and narrow. Some days they (kindly) put up with a curt "Morning" but the bigger picture is that together we are making life work.

  • Caitlin

    Um yes. Jesus can be the pill we pop to make ourselves get that warm, fuzzy "holy" feeling. Take it in the morning with a prayer and at night right before you pop off to bed.

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