Word Up: Going Viral with Transpositions

by Anna Blanch on September 15, 2011

TranspositionsYeah, I know. That title is all kind of pun-tastic. But, hey, comparing the Viral Bible Project which is one of the projects I’m talking about in my post today on Transpositions to the bout of post-viral fatigue I’m still dealing with just didn’t seem like something I wanted to do….

Thanking me yet?

See, I thought so.

Alright, so the post today is about the attachment I (like many others) have had to their bible.

I talk about the People’s Bible and the Viral Bible Project,

It’s also about inviting people to be part of helping No.99 of 200 viral bibles make their way around the world. So what say you? Do you want to be a stop on the journey of the Academics and Educators’ Viral Bible?


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