Youversion just became my go to bible app.

by Anna Blanch on October 31, 2011

Youversion just became my go-to bible application on my android. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of months but i wasn’t sold on it. Mainly because i wasn’t able to access it offline and because it was very slow – i’d try to access a passage in church and the reader would be done before i’d opened up the relevant chapter and verse, i was rethinking not bringing a paper bible with me to church!

But, I will admit my ignorance here i didn’t know until today that I could download versions to my phone so that i can access them offline through Youversion and because they load much quicker that way.

They’ve go a flash opportunity until 11:59 tonight (i’m assuming US time) for those who use Youversion to download versions to your device to be able to access them offline! Not just android, but Iphones, ipad, and blackberry as well.

Update: many of the versions are available for FREE download all the time. This particular opportunity relates to the NIV and the NLT.

These are the translations i’ve added to my collection:

English Standard Version
Holman Christian Standard Bible
New International Version
The Message
New American Standard Bible
New Living Translation
Nouvelle Edition de Genève 1979

This variety will cover most situations I find myself in.

As the people of Youversion tell me:

 Now you’ll have anytime, anywhere access to God’s Word on your mobile device—even if you’re outside of service coverage or not connected to the Internet. It also means faster service whenever you read that version since it’s stored on your device. Enjoy!

Each of the versions is supported by the relevant publisher! So thanks Crossway, Lockman Foundation, Tyndale, B&H Publishing Group, Biblica, Geneva Bible Society, and NavPress.

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  • girltaristhan

    I've been using YouVersion since I got my first iPod Touch (when I didn't think I could afford an iPhone lol) Used it on my Android too 🙂

  • Amy Nabors

    Love YouVersion. Have been using it for 10 months now. I don’t have any translations downloaded because I don’t have any trouble using it with my 3G network. I really like being able to compare versions so quickly.

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