#imass: an experiment in using digital media as a tool for worship

by Anna Blanch on August 24, 2011

@noahsapprentice describes it this way:

#iMass Is a Eucharist service at #gb11 exploring digital media as a theme but also as a participatory tool for worship

It’s an interesting concept and i’m quite intrigued as to how it will work. My trusty Greenbelt Android app tells me that #imass is taking place at 2300h on Friday night…time to bring out the gorillapod and my camera for some long exposures.

They’ve also put together a digital gallery of images in preparation for Greenbelt.

I was surprised by how touched I was that a couple of images of mine have been included in the gallery. They’ve chosen from a wide range of images but i’m glad to be part of it all!  The first is an image that means a great deal to me – it’s an image I carry in my heart when I dream of home.


I wrote about the way this image inspires me in  a transpositions post not too long ago.

James Robinson (@noahsapprentice) also mentioned that he’s decided to include this image in the digital gallery:

The choice of these two images represent a nice symmetry for me. The first is of my home in Australia, the second is of “home” but taken in the cottage-by-the-sea in Scotland.

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