Media Lit 2011: Tuesday

by Anna Blanch on June 22, 2011

Tuesday is Day 2 of Media Lit 2011. This week is an exercise in engaging in social media in a new way for me; i’m live-tweeting and blogging a reflection on each day’s activities.

We started the morning in St John’s Chapel here in Durham with morning prayer. Kate Bruce, St John’s Chaplain offered this Old Testament reading from Isaiah 50: 4-5 which spoke very much to what we’ve been talking about this week at MediaLit.

4 The Sovereign LORD has given me a well-instructed tongue,
to know the word that sustains the weary.
He wakens me morning by morning,
wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.
5 The Sovereign LORD has opened my ears;
I have not been rebellious,
I have not turned away.

It pierced me to my very core. Reflecting on these verses gives me pause – do i care about whether my words sustain the weary?or am i quite keen to be yet another voice in the noise pushing someone down further into the abyss…

Arun Arora (former Press Officer for the ArchBishop of York, Local Curate in Harrogate, former Johnian, now at Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries) and Anna Drew (Methodist Media Officer) opened up proceedings with a session on “Running Church Comms.” Bex Lewis has written a really great summary of the exercises we went through in this session – if you are involved with thinking about internal and external communications in a church and community context, then this list might be of interest to you.

We participated in the bible marathon organised by @richardlittleda and the Teddington Baptist Church in Teddington. I read from Mark 13: 23-37. Here is a photo of me reading live to camera, recorded (rather shakily) but for prosterity:

This #biblemarathon has been beautifully timed @Goannatree re... on Twitpic

I had hoped to post a picture on Twitter for the first time. For some reason my phone camera decided not to save the image…..#techfail. It was probably more user fail on my part. Big Bible has a post about the marathon and why #medialit11 was involved. (there may or may not be another photo of me reading a passage as part of the bible marathon over on that post… ;))

Arun Arora and Anna Drew facilitated a session on “Sharing our Story.” In asking questions around “How Do I share my story?”, valuing the stories around us, and respecting the stories of others (and celebrating the way God has worked in the stories of those around us).

Kate Bruce, Chaplain, St John’s College, Durham University, Fellow in Preaching and Communication shared some great material on “Preaching in a Mixed Mode Economy” including some cracker examples of great preaching. Bex Lewis’s live blogging of this session (at Bigbible) offers the links to some youtube videos which were shared and discussed along with some resources for preaching.

What I didn’t say in my summary post for Monday is that Dr Bex Lewis is live blogging the sessions from MediaLit 2011 over at BigBible – there you will find links to many of the presentations and links to some great videos demonstrating uses of social media, its relationship to the church and the depiction of the church in media and broadcasting (including some fabulously satirical material – in which there is much truth).

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