Media Literacy and the Church

by Anna Blanch on June 20, 2011

MediaLit Durham 2011So this week I’ll be in Durham for Media Lit 2011. I got up early this morning to catch the first train south (so that I didn’t miss Sunday with the Trinity community) for five days of discussion, networking and some sharing about church and the media (especially and including social media).

This is how I shared it on Twitter:

@Goannatree: training with @drbexl @pmphillips @andrewgraystone @annamdrew @RevArun Durham at #medialit11 this week.

You can follow along with the live twittering  (or is that tweeting?) using the hashtag #medialit11. As long as there is wifi and my phone battery holds out there will be much tweeting. There will, also, i think be some extra blog posts this week reflecting on what is being discussed as it might be relevant to you and me.

On Wednesday I’ll be making a short presentation showing the way in which a couple of cultural artifacts can be appreciated in the context of church and social media for the edification of all concerned. If that was vague, good. It was meant to be. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. I’ll write a little about my presentation on Wednesday after the fact. I have to give some head start to the people who’ll actually be there!

Speaking of twitter, i’m looking forward to attending my first ever Twitter meet-up (or Tweet-up) with the folks from @musa_standrews and @VisitStAndrews on the 2 July in St Andrews. It’ll be interesting to get a bunch of twittering folks together based on location. The hashtag for that one if you’re interested is: #StATweetup. How do you use twitter? have you have been to a tweet-up? what was it like? Share your handle in the comments if you like!

In some ways I feel like i’m only just learning about social media’s application and the way in which it can be a really useful tool and communications facilitator for me as a teacher and a scholar. Then I remember that even the ways i’m incorporating media and social media into my daily life (i can’t remember the last time i watched the news on a television set or read an actual newspaper in print form) is a world away from where I have been and the awareness most people have. This isn’t to say that all things about the social connectivity of our culture is a good thing…..

Speaking of which…this week i’ll also be announcing my involvement in a new collaborative digital discipleship project.

What do you think digital discipleship means? (i admit, i’m still trying to work that out).

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